Adobe has long announced that it will stop supporting Flash at the end of 2020, and chrome has stated that “flash support from 2021 is over”For 20 years, Flash has been the cornerstone of Browser games, video streaming and web applications.

In recent years, Flash has lost its popularity due to the emergence of new technologies and in particular HTML 5.

Data provided by Adobe shows that just four years ago, 80% of Chrome users visited a flash web site daily. Today this number continues to fall very rapidly. This trend shows that Sites are harmonizing with open Web technologies, which are faster, more secure and more efficient than Flash.It also played an important role that new technologies have the ability to play on both desktop computers and mobile devices (tablets, mobile phones) which is a great advantage over Flash

However, there is still a serious number of websites in Greece & Wordlwide  in the year 2020 that use flash technology. Flash plugins are already being blocked. So the immediate upgrade is necessary!